Cabell Lodge Fire


The fire which destroyed the Cabell Lodge was front-page news on December 15, 2023.

The lodge was located about 13 miles south of Corvallis, Oregon, on the Finley Wildlife Refuge.

Cabell Lodge, 1998

Henry and Emily Failing Cabell built the two-story, wood-framed lodge in 1912 on land they had earlier purchased.

View of the Cabell property, including the Fiechter House and the Cabell Lodge

Emily Failing Cabell was the daughter of Henry Failing, a prominent Portland businessman.  Henry Cabell was a lawyer, who later became the administrator of the Failing estate.  He also served on many boards and commissions, including the State Board of Higher Education.

The Cabells lived in Portland and used the lodge for hunting parties.

In the photo, Henry Cabell and another man in the hunting party are looking across a pond to a duck blind. The marsh and ponds on the property were winter habitat for Dusky Canada geese.

At times, the lodge also housed the ranch manager.

In 1964, the Cabells sold the property to the U.S. Department of the Interior and it became part of the wildlife refuge.

The fire of December 13 destroyed the house.

Photo By/Credit: Damien Miller/USFWS
Photo By/Credit: Damien Miller/USFWS

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