Celebrating the history and culture of Benton County, Oregon

Scratching Memory’s Surface:

One item in the Benton County Historical Society’s archives collection is an account entitled, “Scratching Memory’s Surface:  Reminiscences” by Therese Graf Tanalski.  Therese was born

Corvallis Soda Works

The first bottle was made in a mold and embossed with the words, “Corvallis Soda Works” and is thought to date from 1908. The second


This object from the Benton County Historical Society’s Horner collection is a theodolite made by the Oertling Company of Berlin Germany. It was purchased by

Wooden Statue

The last post featured a pipe from the La Purisima Mission in California.  The Benton County Historical Society’s Horner Collection contains another artifact from a

Water Pipe

Getting water from its source to use first involved carrying heavy pails full of water. Eventually, pipes were laid to bring the water to the

Walt Disney

Welcome to 2023!  This year is the 100th anniversary of  the Walt Disney Company. The Benton County Historical Society’s collection includes several Disney-related items. The

Electron Microscope

When the Benton County Historical Society acquired the Horner Collection, it received a number of scientific equipment.  The largest of these instruments is the RCA 


As I recently needed new eyeglasses, I was curious about the styles that were popular in the past.  The Benton County Historical Society’s collection contains numerous

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