Celebrating the history and culture of Benton County, Oregon

Sign from Jim the Fix'r shop at Corvallis, Oregon, on display at Benton County Historical Society's Corvallis Museum

Featured Artifact: Jim The Fix’r sign

This neon sign is on exhibit in the entry hall of the Corvallis Museum. Originally, the sign indicated the site of the Jim the Fix’r

Philomath College building

Philomath College Campus

At the time Governor Hatfield used the pen described in the previous story, Oregon State University was the only institution in Benton County that awarded

Valentine's Day card

Valentine’s Day Cards

In the United States and many other countries, February is associated with the celebration of Valentine’s Day.  There are many legends about how a Catholic

Blackledge Furniture: family owned business in Corvallis, Oregon

Blackledge Furniture of Corvallis

The last story about Robnett’s Hardware store prompted this look at another Corvallis store that has stayed in the same family for several generations, Blackledge

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