Corvallis Soda Works

Corvallis Soda Works was founded around 1886 by G. W. Bingham


The first bottle was made in a mold and embossed with the words, “Corvallis Soda Works” and is thought to date from 1908. The second bottle, also from the Corvallis Soda Works, features an applied color label (ACL) in blue and white.  This process, in which painted labels are baked onto the glass, came into use in the United States beginning in 1934, so this one is the newer bottle.

Corvallis Soda Works was founded around 1886 by G. W. Bingham who also owed similar works in Newport and Oregon City. It bottled sodas in a building on Third Street between Adams and Jefferson.  In 1902, Bingham sold the Corvallis business to B. F. Bier who later hired his nephew, Roy Bier, as manager.  The building burned in 1922.  The equipment was saved and moved to a new location at 

424 S. First Street. Here the company bottled Whistle, an Vess Company orange soft drink invented by C. L. Grigg (who would later invent 7-Up.) Corvallis Soda Works also offered ginger ale, root beer, plus other fruit-flavored sodas. 

Corvallis Soda Works was sold, first to P. Walter Cramer circa 1928 and then Thomas McMinn in 1937.  The company also moved to a new location at 648 S. Second Street and added Pepsi to the drinks it bottled. The Pepsi bottling facilities moved elsewhere in 1953 and the building on Second Street bcame a hatchery. 

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