History in a Trunk


Traveling trunks bring the museum to your classroom or activity. Themed trunks focus on a specific topic to invite hands-on inquiry. Lessons around the trunks can include history, math, and art. Each traveling trunk is thoughtfully curated and includes a teacher’s manual to provide background and instructions where appropriate.  

19th Century Toys & Games

  • Before plastics and electronics were common, most children’s toys were made of wood, paper, string, glass, and cloth. They were often made by hand at little or no cost, frequently by children themselves.  
  • Scoring games can enhance mathematics lessons, and the study of how the toys are made and what life was like in the 1800s and early 1900s can complement history studies.  
  • This trunk includes reproduction toys that would have been played with by children in the 19th century. The transportation suitcase is on wheels 

Quilts and Quilting

  • Quilting is a fabric art that can illustrate patterns and portray stories as a visual textile. In the Quilts and Quilting trunk, math in the form of patterns and puzzles, as well as art are explored with hands-on activities, beyond fabric. 
  • Activities in the Teacher’s Manual can be separated by grades 1 -2 and 3 – 6.  
  • This trunk includes sample quilts for handling, color pattern games, and a sampling of quilter tools. The transportation suitcase is on wheels. 

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